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Entry, Registration & Race Info

Race Start Time - 6.15pm

Most nights during the season the event will start at 6.15pm but on a handful of nights we may delay that until 6.30pm to help with tide levels. You can see the exact start times on the homepage by checking each of the race date tiles.


Compulsory Briefing - 6.05pm

Every night this occurs exactly 10mins before our planned start time referred to above, ie normally at 6.05pm

Entry Fees 2023-24

* Season Pass :                   $330   

*10 Concession :                $260 (any 10) 

* 6 Concession :                 $155 (any 6)


* Single Race Online :         $30     (< 3pm Wed)

* Single Race LATE :             $40     (on the day)

Please note that entry fees are non-refundable - please refer to our Refund & Transfer policy below

BOTH STEPS below must be completed before you are ready to race...

1)  Entering:           where we collect your personal details and you pay
2)  Registration:     where you collect your Swim Cap and find out your Race Number (done only once per season)

Note :    if you have entered online, please bring your Entry Receipt to your first race as proof of entry

Note :    you must use the SAME, SINGLE, RACE NUMBER all season  (however they do change between seasons)

Note :    each swimmer receives one free cap (extra caps are $2)


Late Entries
May will be accepted on the beach from 5.00-6.00pm - please double-check this website if any restrictions might exist that will prevent this (eg covid settings)

Distance Changes
Are allowed but they MUST be EMAILED BEFORE 9pm on event night


Age Calculation Date
As at 1st event of the current season


Under 16s
Any competitors under 16 must be entered by and supervised by a parent or legal guardian on the night


Minimum Age 12yo
12 years old is our Minimum age, except in special circumstances as outlined below...


Under 12s
Special dispensation to swim for younger swimmers may be granted in certain cases...

1) please print out the form below

2) sign it yourself as the Parent or Guardian

3) it must also be signed by a recognised swim, waterpolo, surf or triathlon coach to acknowledge skill level

4) please photograph and EMAIL it to us at least 24 hours before the event date -

Please note, the entry will only be accepted with the physical signatures of both your child's coach and also parent (or legal guardian) stating competence for the event/s entered and also adequate supervision on the night.

Please download the U12s form here...

Refund & Transfer Policy
- Entry Fees are non-refundable

- Entries may be transferred to another competitor but only if the organiser is notified by EMAIL at least 48 hours before an event date

- Any refunds given will incur a 5% fee to cover non-refundable fees that we cannot claw back

- Series points cannot be transferred to another swimmer

- 10 Concessions and Multi or Season Passes are valid only for the season in which they are entered

- No competitor may compete under another competitor's name without formally transferring their entry (we must know exactly which competitor is associated with a race number when competing in case medical treatment is required)

Late Entry Form Download
Entry Forms can be downloaded below for you to fill out and complete prior to coming to the beach to save time.

You can download a Late Entry Form here...

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