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What Is the Kohi Summer Swim Series?

Now approaching our 13th season, The Kohi Summer Swim Series is New Zealand's largest weekly open water swim, attracting all levels from beginners through to elite swimmers, triathletes, open water swimmers and even those simply wanting to get fit and stay healthy.


The series is run over 16 Thursday nights every summer. It starts most nights at 6.15pm and you can enter either online (cheaper) or on the beach between 5 & 6pm


The venue is Kohimarama Beach and each night you will have the chance to choose from one of up to 5 accurately surveyed distances - from  250m up to 2500m (Note that we only run the 250m option on nights that start & finish on the sand (you can check this on our homepage)

Everyone is welcome so please come and join us !

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