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Prizes & Points


Nightly - Spot Prizes


- LOW TDIE :     for all events that finish in the water, spot prizes will be randomly awarded as swimmers approach the waterline
- HIGH TIDE :    for all events that finish on the beach, we will run a spot prize giving at 7.20pm

Season - Prizegiving


Takes places on the night of our final night's racing (mid March)...

- Winners Cups are awarded to the top overall Male, Female and Club
- Trophies are awarded to the 2nd & 3rd Overall Male & Females as well
- AgeGroup Male & Female Winners are awarded trophies as well in these 16x age groups
  MU16, M16-19, M20-29, M30-39, M40-49, M50-59, M60-69, MO70
  WU16, W16-19, W20-29, W30-39, W40-49, W50-59, W60-69, WO70



Points System

Points are awarded based on the total number of swimmers that race your entered distance

Example 1 - If 150 competitors swim the 2000m, then 1st place receives 150 points, 2nd  place receives 149, 3rd place receives 148 points and so on down to the last competitor who earns 1 point.

Example 2 - If you swim the 500m with that race having 55 swimmers and you finish in 10th place then you will receive 46 points.

Note - if you want to maximise points then it is smart to race the distance that has the most competitors in it which is normally the 2000m. This makes it possible for you to receive more points by coming in mid-way in a large pack (ie 75 in a field of 150) compared to winning a small but less competitive race (ie first in a field of 30 receives only 30 points).



Points Rules


1)    Points cannot be collected in arrears from the time you first nominate your Team Name
2)    All swimmers are responsible for checking race results and alterting us to any mistakes that have inadvertantly crept in.
3)    No changes will be allowed to Results or Points within 2 races of any subsequent event - you must check these yourself

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