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Timing & Distances

Course & Distances

Each night all Race Distances are surveyed to give you highly accurate options of 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 2000m or 2500m as well as the "Splash & Dash": 500m/4km Run or a 1000m/2km Run!

This allows you to confidently compare your swim times over those distances between weeks and therefore test how effective your training has been.

We have also made the course as easy as possible for you to navigate with straight lines of large brightly coloured & numbered buoys making the series safer and your swim racing more enjoyable.

Timing System

We use a part electronic / part manual timing system - this gives us the ability to record your races times even on low-tide nights when finishing in the water.

Please ensure that you both stay in your correct finishing order once finished, plus pay attention to the number that is being recorded for you. This helps guard against errors.

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