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Adult Swim Squads in Auckland

Weve compiled a list of all the closest adult swim squads to our event venue for you.


Squad training will benefit you in multiple ways, so if you're not already involved check one out now ...

WHERE :       CLM THE BAYS                                            
LOCATION :  135 Morrin Rd, St Johns
WHAT :          Adult Swim Squad 
TIMES :          5.30am – 6.45am and 6.45am - 8am   
COACH :        Carlos Michelan 
BIO :               Adult Swim Squads are perfect for:   Improving the swimming technique, Boosting fitness, Ocean swimmers, Triathlon preparation. Squads cater to all abilities, from the training beginner who just wants to stay fit and healthy, to the triathlete or serious athlete who is training for a specific event. The focus is on fun and friendship while enjoying the satisfaction of training hard and making improvements.


WHERE :        Tepid Baths                                            

LOCATION :   100 Customs St West, AKL Central

WHAT :           FutureDreams Swim Squads

TIMES :           MWF 5.40-7.10am, MWF 12.30-1.30pm, MW 6-7pm

COACH :         Haydn Woolley, Orinoco Prince, Dan Gregory Campbell

BIO :               Haydn is an ex elite swimmer / triathlete with National Records and Titles to his name, and his highest world ITU ranking was 9th n 1997. Orinoco Prince is a former elite swimmer who represented NZ at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. He set a NZ Record for 50m Freestyle in 22.37. Dan is also an ex elite swimmer who still swims 23sec for 50m

Web :    

WHERE :        Swim Squads Newmarket
LOCATION :   Olympic Pool, Broadway Newmarket
WHAT :           Swimming Technique and Fitness for all levels
TIMES :           MWF - 6am, 7am & 8am, T/Th - 6am & 7am
COACH:          Dan Feisst
BIO :               A great option to swim with like-minded people, who want fitness, fun, and coffee!
Web :    


WHERE:         SwimTastic                                              
LOCATION :   69a Merton Rd, St Johns
WHAT:           Our Adult Swim Squad program is perfect for any adult who is training for a particular event or just looking to maintain general fitness. Our specially designed swim programs ensure that each swimmer works at their own level and progresses towards set goals. With an emphasis on fitness training, adults leave each session feeling a sense of success and accomplishment. You will find top athletes mixed with your weekend warriors
TIMES:          Mon to Fri 6-7am & 9-10am  + Sat 6.30am-8am
COACH:        The main coach is Mark Bone - Former NZ National and Olympic Coach, read more here: Additional coaches are - Nik Hancock & Nick Bone - both weekend warriors who love the fun of ocean water swimming and friendly competitions
Web :       


WHERE :        Lagoon Pools YMCA                                        
LOCATION :  29 Lagoon Drive Panmure 
WHAT :          Swim Fit (60 minutes) - an adult squad class designed to build/maintain fitness
TIMES :          M & W - 6.15pm
COACH :        Sean Mcvinnie & Mathew Harford (Level is Swim Fit) 
BIO :              Great for ironman, triathlon, ocean swimmers and fitness-only. Instructors provide personalised advice to help you improve and achieve your goals in the indoor 33-metre pool, with 3-4 lanes available. The  outside 50m pool opens from 13th Nov.
COACH:        Sean McVinne & Matthew. Sean has been a Swim Teacher for 3 years and was a student in the Swim School before starting coaching. Matthew has experience teaching squads and pre-squads and was formerly a nationally-ranked swimmer
Web :     

WHERE :        Westwave Aquatic Centre
LOCATION :   20 Alderman Drive, Henderson
WHAT :           Adult Swim Squad
TIMES :           M/Tu/Th – 6am, 7am & 1pm
COACH :         Sue Gedge (Pilkington)
BIO :               Sue is a lover of all things water. She coaches swimmers towards triathlons, ironman, ocean swim events, and also surf lifesavers at Bethels Beach. She is always a regular at the various competitions around the country and has won many awards. 
Web :    

WHERE :         YMCA Glen Innes Pools & Leisure Centre
LOCATION :    122 Elstree Avenue, Glen Innes
WHAT :            Mon – TechEndurance/Speed   /  Wed – Threshold    /  Fri – Speed/Vo2Max   /  Sat – Mixed Strokes.
TIMES :           MWF 5:45am – 7:00am, & 7:00-8:15am

                        MW  6:30pm – 7:45pm
                        Sat 7:30am – 9:00am    
COACHES :     Archie Mateo, Benjamin Taylor, Geoffrey Huang , Xavier Silk      
Web :     


WHERE :          Swim360                                            
LOCATION :     Next Generation, Stanley St, Central Auclland
WHAT :             Adult fitness and technique swim squads             
TIMES :             Tuesday and Thursday 6am and 7am
COACH :           Carl O'Donnell       
BIO :                 Olympian swimmer turned coach now spends his time helping optimize the freestyle of adult triathletes and open water swimmers.
Web :      

WHERE :         Mt Eden Swimming Pool                                         
LOCATION :    30 Bellevue Rd, Mt Eden
WHAT :            Adult Fitness Squad
TIMES :            Tu/Th  6am-7am   /  Sat – 8am-9am
COACH :          Michael Mincham
Web :      / 0800 SWIM NOW

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