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Water Safety

General Water Safety Information

Every night we have between 10-14 guards patrolling our venue


It is important you follow all instructions you may be given by any race official or guard


If in trouble, or you see someone else who is in trouble, please stop, raise your arm and attract the attention of one of our on water safety crew.


St John will be in attendance every night and they can found located near the boat ramp

SafeSwim - Operating Under "Red"


Below we have listed contingencies that meet with the approval of SafeSwim to allow us to operate under Red conditions. 

  1. Start & Finish Depth - you will be starting and finishing in at least chest depth (ie deeper) water. 

  2. Head Up – you must keep your head out of the water until AFTER The Start AND also AFTER the Finish.

  3. Age – you should not be swimming if you are either very young or elderly, ie under 12 or over 70

  4. Warm Up / Wind Down – not permitted. Please do a dry-land warm up instead

Other notes...

- Please keep in mind that prior to the start may involve treading water until the gun goes for some of our shorter or younger competitors

- SafeSwim testing has found that in water deeper than 2m, contaminants are always more dilute than where water testing is normally conducted (60cm deep). And given that the majority of our courses are swim in water depths of between 2-5m, and much further from shore, risk can be adequated minimised from water-born pathogens by following the guidelines above

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